FFS smile will ya

Hi my name is Eric and me Mum said that I could try me paw out at writing a blog post. I guess I should start with telling you a bit about myself. I am a 3 year old Boxer originally from Sherwood Park, Alberta and grew up in Edmonton; I love going for long walks, running on the beach, chilling in the sun, hunting squirrels (sorry if that offends), raw bones, peanut butter, bananas and the occasional bit of cheese.  I also enjoy snoozing, farting and making people smile.

Making people smile is actually my super power, which is actually pretty easy for me, a lot of people smile just by looking at my handsome face and bouncing ears. Like take now for example I was out walking me Mum and this lady who was out with her granddaughter not only smiled but stopped us so she could say hello. I gave her my best customer service, shoved my butt towards her, leaned on her legs and wagged my nubbin like there was no tomorrow. This lady said that she used to have a Boxer and now all other dogs are shite in comparison (okay she didn’t use those exact word but that’s basically what she meant).

Me Mum and I often go on missions to make people smile (she is still job hunting) and experiment with our targets. What we’ve found is that my super power literally works on anyone. Occasionally it doesn’t work but that’s okay, we debrief afterwards and identify ‘lessons learnt.’ Even the posh folk love me, like back to that lady who stopped us today, she sounded posh AF, even posher than when me Mum does her posh voice and me and Dad look at each other eye rolling in harmony.

Anyways, that’s it for me first post, I’m knackered after me walk and need to catch some sleep before me next mission. If you want to follow me on my missions I have a hashtag on Instagram #Ericsdiary.  We are always out exploring Vancouver and will now be looking for patios for me to sneak onto whilst Mum and Dad have a drink. If anyone knows of any dog friendly patios in Vancouver, let me Mum know and we’ll go and check it out.

Love Eric xx







It’s Not You It’s Me

As I pulled poo (which was stuck to my hair) out of Eric’s bum for the second time, it hit me that I would literally do anything for this guy, he has me firmly wrapped around his little finger!

When we moved to Vancouver from Edmonton, I totally underestimated the effect it would have on him, which didn’t become apparent until he started his new day care; it was going so well, everyone loved him, he came home exhausted from playing and even had a couple of girlfriends.

Then we got the call that there had been an incident and if we could go and pick him up. Eric had started a fight for no apparent reason and the staff (who were excellent) thought that it would be best if he didn’t go to day care for a while or until he is a bit more settled.

I of course  got home and did some extensive Google work; have I ruined my dog, is he turning aggressive because we changed his environment, WHAT DID I DO WRONG!

Since the incident we have been nervous at the dog park tensing every time another dog approached him. There was a massive dog who did have a go at Eric one Saturday but Eric held his own and I think it was more of a male ego thing (like when dickhead men chest push each other) anyway no one got hurt so all good.

So now I think that Eric is being tense at the park as I am so nervous and therefore it’s not him but totally me and something that I need to work on. Open to any tips or words of wisdom.

In other news Mr C called me boring the other night WTF! We were out with friends and I was telling them all about Eric and he said “you sound like one of those Mums boring people about their children.” I’m sure they were thoroughly interested in my poor fur baby’s issues………………..#DontbeatwatNath


A Cuppa in Bed

I didn’t run today, I just didn’t feel like it. Mr C got up first and asked if I wanted a brew which was a lovely idea so that’s exactly what I did. As I was drinking my tea in the warm confines of my duvet with Eric snuggling me (Eric is our dog), I did contemplate getting up and running but that’s as far as I got. Don’t be judgey, I’m sure even Paula Radcliffe would forgo a run to chill with a cup of tea in bed!

What I did do this morning is go to the library, I haven’t been to a library to check out a book since I was a small child and then I spent half my time trying to convince the Librarians to give me an adult card.  The Librarian I spoke to this morning didn’t appear to be in the best of moods when she said I could use the self serve check out and had to ask where they are. “Right behind you” she told me in a deadpan voice. She didn’t even grin when I replied “sorry first time in a library.” The book I got was ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. I hate tidying and cleaning, I fully expect this book to turn me into a domestic goddess!

Anyways, it’s 1st December which means tree day woop woop, I am so excited it’s ridiculous. We are buying our tree from a family run tree lot just a few blocks away and even the thought of carrying it home like you see people doing in the movies is making me break out grinning.

In other news Mr C has been offered a Project Management role and been accepted to study for his MBA. I fear that he is going to be very busy and I’m going to lose my only member of staff, wtf!


I Raced a Boat!!

I really did, just this morning on my run and I won. The driver (no idea what you call a boat person) was giving it his all and the crows were cheering for me encouraging me to go faster. At least that is what was happening in my head! In reality I don’t think the boat driver even saw me and the crows, well lets be honest, they can’t cheer can they. But I did run this morning woop woop!

Mr C booked us a fab place for our celebratory dinner last night called Mission it was so yummy. We had the tasting menu with wine pairings which was optional (as if you would have dinner without wine) and we were not disappointed. It was the best meal out we’d had in a long time, it was the type of food that made you do that little appreciation dance in your chair (you know the one right, it’s not just me). There was five courses and we were full once we had finished though this did not stop us from throwing in a cheese board.

In addition to the amazing food and lovely atmosphere our server Rachelle was very knowledgeable about wine which makes sense as she is a Sommelier! I also liked that she didn’t laugh at me when I asked if the crackers made out of potato starch were made by boiling potatoes and using the potato water….so plausible.

In other news, Mr C had to pull poo out of Eric’s bum this morning apparently this was due to my hair getting everywhere. Just to clarify Eric is our dog!