I didn’t get the job……

I went to the interview feeling v confident, I had done my research was prepared and stood in front of the mirror telling myself how awesome I am. I made small talk with the receptionist and did some power poses as suggested in Amy Cuddy’s fab TED Talk. Fuck I was ready, bring it!

The interview went brilliant, I connected with the interviewee and smashed his questions. It went that well, he even told me “you’re a strong candidate, you would really fit in with the team and your salary expectations will not be a problem.” We even discussed my start date as I am heading to Montreal this weekend.

I left on cloud nine and went straight to the pub for a celebratory wine……or two. I even went to H&M to buy a new shirt for Tuesday morning (though got totally distracted by a beautiful red non work top).

So you can imagine my dismay when I received an email late yesterday afternoon informing me that they chose another individual. WTF this has to be a mistake they said “I would make a great team member.”

Did I say oh well never mind let’s remain positive and see what I can take away from this experience. Did I fuck! Did I let the rejection slap me in the face and make me look in my rear view mirror initiating a full on pathetic pity party, fuck yeah. Did I crumble into Mr C’s arms when he came home from work and he said “are you sure you’re okay” like a fuckin baby. Did I make a pathetic little noise when Mr C asked if I wanted him to go and get some wine, fuck yeah and make it two bottles one of each!

Did I wake up this morning with a slight headache feeling ridiculous for letting something so silly turn me into a pathetic whiney bitch, sure did. Did I work out, have a motivational chat with Oprah and go and get a new hair cut, I did indeed!

Job hunting is difficult as is the rejections that come with the territory. Don’t take it personal or over analyse, learn from it and stay positive. There were lots of positives that came out of this rejection:

#1 I have a fabulous new Red going out top

#2 I found my new hair stylist the lovely Jessie

#3 My hair looks cracking on my new Medical care card

#4 I have a long, long, long, long, long, long weekend coming up

#5 I did smash the interview, turns out they also interviewed someone with adequate experience and much lower salary expectations, which pleased HR.

In other news, we are off to explore Montreal tomorrow woop woop!!

Always Blue skies for me!!


So about last weekend…….

It was mental like proper mental, along with my lovely friends we certainly made it a memorable weekend, left a lasting print on Vancouver (including my local wine shop) and made some new friends!

I won’t go into details, especially how one of us got a war wound and another motor boarded a new friends boobs (fully consented of course). We did have a lot of fun when the must drunken one of us found a phone that had been left in a taxi. Contrary to her strong belief and insistence, it did not belong to any of us.  When the owner called we had made some fabulous stories up about them and shared our hilarity with the server we’d had the previous night, who just happened to also be serving us brunch (she was our new BFF).  Anyway, the owner was reunited with her phone and that was the end of that!

I had a fabulous weekend and loved it when another awesome friend messaged me the next day saying “You have a wonderful group of empowering women for friends. Thanks for the reminder of the power of girls gangs.” An this is so true, all of my female friends are badass women; so to all of you, keep on slaying and own your awesomeness!

To anyone who needs help remembering their awesomeness I highly recommend reading the book in the pic. It’s an easy read, a bit sweary and full of useful advice. If you don’t want to buy the book then go stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself you are fuckin awesome. Have a wonderful day!

Blog post pic

Be whoever you want to be!!

So I didn’t let my shite performance at the last dance class put me off. I went back to RSVP 33 last night full of enthusiasm and praying my inner Beyonce was back from vacation and guess what…….bitch showed up!

I stopped thinking about the moves and just, well moved, it came to me more naturally and I was having so much fun. My inner warrior nodded her seal of approval as I flicked my hair, popped my ass out and pushed my chest forward. I am Beyonce, this is awesome, I am having soooo much fun, oh look a mirror, I should watch myself see how cool I look.

Did I look ridiculous twerking “backing it up like a U-Haul truck” (our instructors clear directions), was I the oldest bird there, covered in tattoos looking out of place flicking her hair like she was on an actual Beyonce music video.  Yep, I was all those things but you know what, I was having so much fun and laughing my head off!

To often we don’t do things that we might enjoy, through fear of looking daft or just being proper shite at it. I say, just do it fuck what anybody else thinks, you concentrate on your own happiness and if you want to be Beyonce then go head girl, you be Beyonce.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something, especially yourself!

In other news, my friends are inbound and my birthday weekend about to start. I will apologize to Vancouver now, for any offence or disruption we may cause this weekend 🙂

Be whoever you want to be #slay

Hi my name is Michelle and blah blah fuck………..

I hate public speaking, so much so that just the thought of it would mess with my peaceful state of mind. I am not sure why, though I reckon it might have something to do with those horrors at school who skitted at me anytime I opened my mouth, making reading in class a living hell. I always thought I had gotten over the affects of my childhood bullies with the satisfaction that I have an amazing life but I guess they rear their nasty heads whenever I have to stand up and speak in front of people.

So as I mentioned in my last post, my darling wife told me all about Toastmasters and last night with the encouragement and persistent reminder from Mr C, I went for the first time.

I was shitting meself, like omg, will I have to stand up, will they do an icebreaker, fuckin hate icebreakers! As I was walking towards the clubhouse with all this negativity flowing through my mind, something on the pavement caught my eye and these lovely messages appeared “we love you” and “stay positive.” Now I’m not a complete lunatic (well almost) and don’t think that the good old universe placed these messages there because it knew I would be walking that way into what felt like a Lion’s den (or maybe it did); no doubt someone had wrote it there to give a loved one a boost but they made me smile, have a word with myself and put me in a much better place for the meeting.

I entered the hall, found a seat and tried to look as small as I could so I would not be chosen to talk. No such luck! The chair gave a brief on Toastmasters and informed all new guests that they would have to stand up, introduce themselves and say why they are at Toastmasters. He ended with “now that your heart rate is racing, let’s begin.” How did he know my heart rate was racing, maybe it’s not just me that gets this wound up about public speaking. Fuck my heart rate is racing, “calm down nobhead, you know your name and why you’re here, just stand up and speak when your name is called” (my inner warrior’s idea of a pep talk)! She was right though, my name was called, I stood up, introduced myself, told the audience why I was there and sat back down. It was fine, I survived, I didn’t go to pieces, I got my words out and I was confident the audience heard my name and why I was there!

Everyone else did the same and it was reassuring to see I was not the only who was nervous. There was people there at all levels of public speaking, from all over the place. I sat next to lady from New Zealand (she is an interior designer and artist, how cool), one of the speakers was German and there was a fellow Brit bird from Liverpool (she couldn’t believe I was from birkenhead “you sound dead posh”)!

We did various activities surrounding speeches, getting tips and advice from seasoned Toastmasters. My fave advice was from the German lady who said “take part in the speaking roles as much as you can, if you don’t, it’s like going to the gym and not working out!” How very true. So I am now committed and will be going again next week, might even volunteer to do a table topic speech…….or maybe not, let’s see eh!!

In other news, this weekend is my birthday weekend woop woop. I am gathering some fabulous ladies together and we are going ‘out out’. A couple of my friends are coming from Edmonton, we would cause carnage on our ‘out out’ nights there! Must remember, this is my last year in the 30’s club; I am a sensible, responsible adult, who can pace her drinks and hates wasting weekends away recovering in bed!!

My all time idols!

I am not Beyonce…….

This is it, this is when my outstanding dancing skills finally get recognized. I wonder how long it would take to become an instructor? Feel like I’m going to Julliard; I am a dancer, nothing can stop me (oh look Nandos, didn’t know they had them in Vancouver).  This is literally what was going on in my head when I got off the bus last night and walked to the Vancouver Dance Centre to start my 6 week Good Girl x Bad Girl dance workshop with RSVP 33.

I signed in and got in the elevator (lift for Brits) bursting with excitement. An older lady joined me and said she was also there for a class. I couldn’t imagine her shaking her booty but hey if that’s what she wanted to do, good for her. As we chatted it became apparent that she was actually here for ballet, I think we were both more at ease when we realised we wouldn’t be in the same class!

I got to the fourth floor and joined the excited group of women also waiting to release their inner Beyoncé. This is my dance crew, I thought, oh fabulous, I wonder who will end up being my BFF?!! One girl piped up “I went to the third floor by mistake and they were doing a ballet class, I watched for a few minutes. How do their bodies do that?!” I didn’t say anything but secretly thought I probably could with a little training.

The other class finished and it was our turn to go in let’s do this woop woop.

I instantly loved our instructor Kevin Fraser who gave us a run down saying “if you’re here to work out then work out, if you here to look cute and whip your hair, then you whip your hair!” Love it!

There was a cool bird helping Kevin out with his classes (she was becoming an instructor) she was v dancerish, even had her dance pants one up one down (what is that about?). We had a fab warm up and started getting into the dance mood with some chest out booty in and vice versa exercises. I was so excited, this is where I belong, at last!

We started dancing, it was part of a routine that looked easy enough, which I thought I could easily master. I was shite, like proper shite, my dreams of becoming a dance instructor flew out the window faster than a Concorde jet. I didn’t understand it, where the fuck is my inner Beyoncé, is she still on Christmas break, that bloody bitch!! I was uncoordinated, turned the wrong way and for the life of me could not get my arm to move in tune with my opposite leg…..disaster.

I did have the most fun though and was reassured watching others who were also struggling, well equally as shite as me (maybe they’ll be my new BFFs). There was also birds who picked it up straight away (smug bitches), bet their inner Beyoncé’s were right there for them.

Despite being shite, I loved the class, it was so much fun and everyone had a laugh. It’s not serious and you can do your own thing if you really want to. One girl asked Kevin “which way are you rolling your body” he showed us how he was rolling and then his assistant (the cool dancer bird) said “if the other way works for you just go that way.” Kevin shouted “options, you all have options.” This really is the general attitude, the main thing is that you have fun and I did, so much so that I am now looking to sign up for another class!! I only hope that my inner Beyoncé saw my pitiful performance and is back in time for my girls only birthday night out!

In other news, if my terrible dancing wasn’t enough to drive me into hibernation, I have also pledged to join Toastmasters. In some study conducted somewhere, it was found that people are more scared of public speaking than death. There is even a name for this fear Glossophobia. I was telling the wife how I was one of them people who hated it and how I literally go to pieces. She told me about Toastmasters and encouraged me to join, I didn’t of course, why would I put myself through that shit?!! But, new year, new me and I have decided to conquer this fear. I start Monday, will keep you posted!

Pep Talk
Getting a pep talk from my ladies before dance class!




Hi my name is Michelle and my friend is a Vegan……

I didn’t mean to have a Vegan as a friend, I certainly didn’t do it on purpose, who would want the hassle? But alas I do, my lovely work wife has gone completely dark and I of course fully support her. But like wtf is she going to ask for when she orders Pad Thai “Pad Thai please, no tofu, no eggs and extra peanuts.” I don’t think she has thought this one through!

Vegans do get a bad rap though eh, you can literally feel the eye rolls coming when someone announces they’re vegan. Why is tolerance for vegans seemingly low? Is it because it’s almost like the trendy thing to do like being “gluten intolerance”? Is it the alleged judgements they put on us non vegans? Surely we should be praising these folks for making a stand and standing by their beliefs “good on ya love.”

I don’t know, I can’t see the wife walking into a restaurant, announcing that she’s vegan and that she’ll have the lentil salad.  Throwing daggers at anyone tucking into a big fat steak! Are you even a vegan if you go to a non veganish restaurant?!

When I first met the wife we were meeting for me to introduce her to a young person that I had and she would be working with. She was late, so me and this youth came up with a plan to get back at her and to test her banter and limits (these things are v important). So when she parked up we just jumped in her car without a word got comfy and told her “we are going for lunch, you’re choosing the restaurant and Bob’s vegan.” Did this throw her into a panic as she wanted to make a good first impression, did she burst out into tears as it was to much pressure? No, she said “that’s okay, I’m a Vegetarian and know exactly where to go.” Smug bitch took us to Padamandi what was actually one of my fave Thai restaurants in Edmonton. So she passed and quickly became the wife.

To be fair the wife’s vegetarianism has been a good influence on me; I was in the Bay looking at this fabulous handbag and her face popped in my head making me put it down (much to the relief of Mr C). I’ve been satisfying my bag fetish with beautiful pieces from Matt & Nat who make beautiful vegan bags/ purses and are very reasonably priced (another relief for Mr C).

Anyway as I’m in Vancouver and she is Edmonton I will have to rely on her family and Edmonton friends to keep her in check!!

Me and the wife

In other news, Mr C and I have booked our first trip and will be heading to Montreal next month woop woop!!

This year I will mostly be mastering Pad Thai!

Well hello 2018 how excited are we all that you’re here! So just like a lot of people I’m all about “new year new me” and I’m pretty excited. 2017 was pretty awesome starting with a work promotion, a fun road trip in the middle and ending with us moving to the fabulous Vancouver.

So my new years resolution or 2018 goals for those who “don’t believe in new years resolutions” (insert eye roll) are:

#1 Master Pad Thai – the first time I ever went to a Thai restaurant was when I first met Mr C, and I got a right shitty on because you couldn’t get plain noodles Chow Mein style (these had become part of my staple diet, well actually I had them for dinner most nights with a big grease oozing spring roll). If you can imagine a scally (proper chav) sounding scouse-ish giving it pure attitude saying “whadya mean you don’t have chow mein” that was me. You can only imagine how Mr C felt though this wasn’t as bad as the time he took me to a seafood restaurant and my dinner came out with the head still intact but I digress.

After visiting Thailand and falling in love with this stunning country including the food Pad Thai became one of my fave things to eat. When I move to a new city I am always on a mission to seek out the best Pad Thai or even something that resembles the authentic version (you know not those Westernized ones covered in sauce).  When I lived in Edmonton my lovely work colleagues and I would visit Sawaddee in Sherwood Park at least once a week. The Pad Thai was so good that we always made sure we ordered the dinner size portion and not the lunch special portion. The service here was also excellent, they didn’t eye roll once when my work wife asked for extra peanuts every single time! I haven’t found my fave Pad Thai here in Vancouver yet so if anyone has any recommendations let me know.

I did have a first attempt on New years Eve at Pad Thai, I got the recipe from Nagi at Recipe Tin eats (side note Mr C thought he was hilarious when he said her name sounded like mine, he literally could not stop laughing at his own joke #dontbeatwatnath). This recipe was so yummy except we used the wrong noodles; Noodles are noodles right, no they are not you pair of tits. We ended up with a big pile of mush but even better Mr C did not shell the Prawns properly. Chewing on Prawn shell is not pleasant.

We did do a cooking class when we were in Thailand maybe I should just dig out the recipe book!

Cooking class Thailand
Enjoying the fab Thai food we cooked at Pum’s cooking school on Phi Phi Island

#2 Run a marathon – I have signed up for the Vancouver marathon in May and keep telling myself I have ages before I have to start training! This weekend I will be purchasing a lovely new running jacket and runners, it is sad I know but these things will help me to get out and started. I AM NOT MATERIALISTIC!!

#3 Visit Peru – Complete the Inca trail – Bore off with ya all inclusive holidays, why would anybody want to lounge around a pool being bought drinks all day. Sounds awful eh! We would much rather go exploring and risk becoming home to some random flesh eating bug and see the wondrous Machu Picchu.

#4 Drink less – Boooo I know boring right but Mr C and I have agreed zero drops of booze during the week. It will be interesting to see how much money we save!

I think that is enough to keep me busy.  I do also intend on getting a job in the next few weeks, I guess that should be a priority!

In other news, I have signed up for a fun looking dance workshop with RSVP 33 which a friend told me about. I just know once I’m there they will be so impressed when my inner Beyonce comes out and give me a job. That’s it, I will become an instructor woop woop. I just hope that my inner Beyonce can dance as well sober as she thinks she does when she is drunk!!