FFS smile will ya

Hi my name is Eric and me Mum said that I could try me paw out at writing a blog post. I guess I should start with telling you a bit about myself. I am a 3 year old Boxer originally from Sherwood Park, Alberta and grew up in Edmonton; I love going for long walks, running on the beach, chilling in the sun, hunting squirrels (sorry if that offends), raw bones, peanut butter, bananas and the occasional bit of cheese.  I also enjoy snoozing, farting and making people smile.

Making people smile is actually my super power, which is actually pretty easy for me, a lot of people smile just by looking at my handsome face and bouncing ears. Like take now for example I was out walking me Mum and this lady who was out with her granddaughter not only smiled but stopped us so she could say hello. I gave her my best customer service, shoved my butt towards her, leaned on her legs and wagged my nubbin like there was no tomorrow. This lady said that she used to have a Boxer and now all other dogs are shite in comparison (okay she didn’t use those exact word but that’s basically what she meant).

Me Mum and I often go on missions to make people smile (she is still job hunting) and experiment with our targets. What we’ve found is that my super power literally works on anyone. Occasionally it doesn’t work but that’s okay, we debrief afterwards and identify ‘lessons learnt.’ Even the posh folk love me, like back to that lady who stopped us today, she sounded posh AF, even posher than when me Mum does her posh voice and me and Dad look at each other eye rolling in harmony.

Anyways, that’s it for me first post, I’m knackered after me walk and need to catch some sleep before me next mission. If you want to follow me on my missions I have a hashtag on Instagram #Ericsdiary.  We are always out exploring Vancouver and will now be looking for patios for me to sneak onto whilst Mum and Dad have a drink. If anyone knows of any dog friendly patios in Vancouver, let me Mum know and we’ll go and check it out.

Love Eric xx







2 thoughts on “FFS smile will ya

  1. He is such a cutie! I would totally smile and say hello if I meet him in the street!

    I’m not sure if it is official, but there are several tasty places to eat/drink on Main street where I often see doggos sitting outside with their owners. Maybe you guys should take a walkie that way?

    Good luck with your job search and I’ll give you a shout if I see anymore dog-friendly patios!


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