It’s Not You It’s Me

As I pulled poo (which was stuck to my hair) out of Eric’s bum for the second time, it hit me that I would literally do anything for this guy, he has me firmly wrapped around his little finger!

When we moved to Vancouver from Edmonton, I totally underestimated the effect it would have on him, which didn’t become apparent until he started his new day care; it was going so well, everyone loved him, he came home exhausted from playing and even had a couple of girlfriends.

Then we got the call that there had been an incident and if we could go and pick him up. Eric had started a fight for no apparent reason and the staff (who were excellent) thought that it would be best if he didn’t go to day care for a while or until he is a bit more settled.

I of course  got home and did some extensive Google work; have I ruined my dog, is he turning aggressive because we changed his environment, WHAT DID I DO WRONG!

Since the incident we have been nervous at the dog park tensing every time another dog approached him. There was a massive dog who did have a go at Eric one Saturday but Eric held his own and I think it was more of a male ego thing (like when dickhead men chest push each other) anyway no one got hurt so all good.

So now I think that Eric is being tense at the park as I am so nervous and therefore it’s not him but totally me and something that I need to work on. Open to any tips or words of wisdom.

In other news Mr C called me boring the other night WTF! We were out with friends and I was telling them all about Eric and he said “you sound like one of those Mums boring people about their children.” I’m sure they were thoroughly interested in my poor fur baby’s issues………………..#DontbeatwatNath


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