You Don’t have to be Big to be Strong

Well I did it, I dragged myself out of bed this morning and went for a run, granted this was after Mr C went on a recce to check weather conditions and in all honesty, I did have a cuppa in bed before going!

It was a lovely run, with the sun shining down and the snow covered mountains giving me gentle encouragement. I did take a bit longer to take pics, not selfies (not without me face on) but pics of the beautiful city I live in where the sea meets the glorious mountains.

Run views

After saying hi to Ellsie and taking in the views, feeling smug AF that I live here, I stopped using it as an excuse and continued with my run.

Then I saw it, the scene that made me instantly smile and say “gohead girl” (in my head of course mustn’t forget I’m British). This small dog ran past me carrying a massive tree branch (don’t judge she had four legs, I only have two). This dog and her owner were having so much fun throwing and retrieving this oversized branch. The determination and strength this small dog showed that you don’t have to be big to be strong.


This made me think about Toff (real name Georgia Toffolo) who is in the show ‘Made in Chelsea’ (British reality show following posh people) and currently kicking arse in ‘I’m a Celebrity’ (another British reality show, following celebs sat in a camp in a jungle). This bird is small and posh AF, she has all the makings to be this years celebrity who mercifully gets punished by the delightful British public by being picked to do all of the challenges. But no, she is strong and not afraid to do anything, which she proved when she lay in a box 20 metres in the air with twenty Pythons slithering all over her. She did let her guard down once by swearing at the snakes but followed this by apologising for being rude!

This bird proves that you don’t have to be big to be strong; strength comes to us in all forms and coupled with determination can help smash the toughest of challenges.

In other news, the Carter family tree has been chosen and yes we carried it from the tree lot just like they do in the movies!!


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