A Cuppa in Bed

I didn’t run today, I just didn’t feel like it. Mr C got up first and asked if I wanted a brew which was a lovely idea so that’s exactly what I did. As I was drinking my tea in the warm confines of my duvet with Eric snuggling me (Eric is our dog), I did contemplate getting up and running but that’s as far as I got. Don’t be judgey, I’m sure even Paula Radcliffe would forgo a run to chill with a cup of tea in bed!

What I did do this morning is go to the library, I haven’t been to a library to check out a book since I was a small child and then I spent half my time trying to convince the Librarians to give me an adult card.  The Librarian I spoke to this morning didn’t appear to be in the best of moods when she said I could use the self serve check out and had to ask where they are. “Right behind you” she told me in a deadpan voice. She didn’t even grin when I replied “sorry first time in a library.” The book I got was ‘the life-changing magic of tidying up’ by Marie Kondo. I hate tidying and cleaning, I fully expect this book to turn me into a domestic goddess!

Anyways, it’s 1st December which means tree day woop woop, I am so excited it’s ridiculous. We are buying our tree from a family run tree lot just a few blocks away and even the thought of carrying it home like you see people doing in the movies is making me break out grinning.

In other news Mr C has been offered a Project Management role and been accepted to study for his MBA. I fear that he is going to be very busy and I’m going to lose my only member of staff, wtf!


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